Driving Insights into the Microbial Ecosystem

Software to Evolve with Your Lab

Microbiome research continues to develop and advance, requiring organizations to be flexible in their approach to discovery and development. By leveraging the Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software software and its Marketplace, scientists can quickly and easily deploy preconfigured applications to support changing lab processes and cultivation of new analytical techniques. The applications in the Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Marketplace solution span many functional areas such as study and sample management, molecular biology, genomics, and high-throughput screening. Whether your lab is utilizing mass spectrometry or sequencing, the Platform for Science software can adapt to your needs.

Passaging Experiment Microbiome
Microbiome applications for the Platform for Science

Simplified Management of Microbial Data

Microbiome research generates a vast quantity of data across a complex workflow. The Platform for Science software works alongside your lab processes, capturing and tracking all data generated such as media components, gel electrophoresis results, or sequence information. Scientists and lab managers can easily view and report on data for an entire study within one platform, helping to optimize lab efficiency.

Maintain Patient Demographics and Sample Integrity

Patients must have their consent records, demographics, and medical histories maintained while animals must be cataloged and monitored to ensure adherence with industry best practices. Leverage the Platform for Science software to securely track subjects, blind patient information, associate clinical samples with derivatives, and manage sample lifecycles. Collect and link specimen information, such as dates, times, treatments, and conditions to patient or animal demographics. Maintain details and patient-sample lineage, from accessioning to final analysis and reporting. This solution enables compliance with ISBER, ensuring the quality of your sample and the validity of your data.

Animal Management Microbiome
OData API to support data analysis

An Open Environment to Support Your Data Analysis Needs

Many different data analysis and data visualization systems are used to support microbiome research making it challenging to pass information from one system to the next. The OData API utilized by the Platform for Science software allows lab managers to integrate other software systems such as R™, Tableau™, and Spotfire™ directly to the Platform for Science software, streamlining data review and reporting.

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