Manage Genomic Data Cohesively Across Different Workflows.

One of the challenges of genomics is turning large amounts of data into digestible information that can enable decision making. Genomics solutions from Core Informatics let users track genomic data across various workflows, providing traceability in the sample lifecycle and flexibility – such as allowing samples to be rerouted as more information becomes available. Genomic data can be captured and tracked easily and accurately from sample accessioning to final report generation, helping to optimize outcomes.

Core Genomics Roadmap

Genomics apps for NGS, Sanger, Microarray, and other workflows are available in the Marketplace.

NGS venfor ecosystem

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Keep Pace with Advancements in Technology.

The Platform for Science is built to work with instruments and consumables from the vendors you choose. Whether you use Next-Generation Sequencing, Microarray, Sanger, or other techniques, you can add new workflows and new hardware without losing any of your data or current processes in your lab. Long reads, short reads, and SNPs, from high-throughput down to base pairs, the Platform for Science lets you work your way when analyzing and tracking your data.

Vendor-Specific Solutions Are Available in the Marketplace

Improve Genomic Data Quality for Research & Clinical Organizations.

The Platform for Science adapts to the way your organization works, collecting data along the way. Ensure that all information used in downstream analysis for the detection, prevention, and treatment of diseases is accurate and properly connected to samples and/or projects. Collect the information needed to obtain or maintain clinically regulated certifications such as CAP/CLIA and comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Choose to deploy research and clinical workflows in parallel, or leverage the multitenant capabilities of Core’s Platform for Science to separate your business groups.

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Lab Informatics Solutions to Meet Genomic Lab Needs.

Core Informatics’ customers use our genomics solutions to facilitate research for population wide association studies, study how the gut microbiome contributes to Crohn’s and bowel syndromes, profile tumor samples to better recommend courses of treatment, and more. The diversity of uses illustrates the flexibility of the Platform for Science to respond to new science and emerging needs.

Find out how Core’s genomics solutions can help to manage your data & optimize processes.

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