Drug Discovery Solution

Move More Quickly from Drug Targets to Potential Products

Leading in drug discovery requires organizations to be agile in managing diverse types and volumes of data. Core’s Drug Discovery Solution enables your organization to select the right informatics capabilities to drive your unique drug R&D pipeline, shorten research cycles, and boost your program’s efficiency. Implement best-of-breed applications from the Platform for Science Marketplace for developing drug candidates, whether you’re synthesizing small molecule scaffolds or mutating cell lines to create new biologics.

Only interested in large molecule drug discovery? Check the Biologics Discovery Solution.

Apps for Drug Discovery

The Platform for Science Marketplace delivers apps for every phase of drug discovery, built to be configured into complete systems that make data easy to search and share at any point in the workflow.

  • Registration, sample management, and inventory: Source compounds and reagents; manage and fulfil sample requests; and register small molecules, biologics, and peptides so that they can be tracked throughout all phases of R&D
  • Library generation: Build libraries of chemical compounds or molecular entities to support lead generation
  • Assay development and screening: Use flexible templates to support the development of single- or high-concentration screens and implement automated calculations to more rapidly capitalize on results
  • Analytical and purification: Automatically calculate common chemical properties and integrate with analytical instrumentation to fully characterize drug candidates
  • ADME studies: Manage processes and data associated with common ADME/toxicity studies
  • Preclinical toxicity studies: Collect and manage data associated animal research studies and support the maintenance and care of animal research subjects.

See all the drug discovery apps in the Platform for Science Marketplace and start planning your complete system today!

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