Creating Connections from Seed to Plant

Facilitate the Production of High Quality, Healthy Plants

With the Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software, laboratories gain full insights into each step of their workflows, to help ensure products are of the highest quality. Laboratories can carefully monitor the fruition from seed to plant, and all data collected along the way. Lab managers can optimize their processes by viewing laboratory workflow dashboards and reports. 

Enable Laboratory Best Practices

The Platform for Science software helps producers and contract organizations capture, connect, and centralize information across processes, teams, groups, and labs. Its mechanism to standardize on ontology and process workflows enables best practices and streamlines process execution. Data review workflows can be automated, facilitating better collaboration between sponsors and contract testing organizations.

Anyplace, Anywhere, You're Connected

Instantly share data and documentation with the Platform for Science software, reducing turnaround and shortening timelines. The platform's cloud native capabilities provide organizations with a scalable, robust, and secure solution. Deployed on Amazon Web Services, the platform is always ready to change and grow with your business. 

Share data with the Platform for Science on Amazon Web Services

Solve the Unique Problems Facing Crop Science

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