The Biologics Platform That Evolves with Your Lab

Streamline End-to-End Biologics Workflows

A single platform to track and manage data across samples, assays, processes, requests, and inventory. Our biologics solutions track and manage data throughout the therapeutic discovery and development processes — from antigen generation to downstream bioprocessing and translational programs.


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Automatically Generate New Samples and Maintain Relationships to Track Lineage and Inventory

Manage relationships from initial sample creation to final product manufacturing. Follow your sequence through PCR, cloning, and expression. View vector information, including details like sequence and selection markers. Track mutations, cell lines, monitor protein expression and characterization, and more. These relationships give you a 360° view of your data, enabling you to track back to your sample of interest from multiple directions.

Easily Add New Modalities, Lineage Requirements, and Processes

Prepare your lab for advances in biotechnology with a platform that can immediately accept new modalities as soon as you create them. Quickly configure new sample and object types with unlimited attributes and associations. Define and manage biologics workflows and add capabilities via apps, configurations, and integrations – with no custom code.

An Integrated Approach to Biologics Data Management

Automated Data Capture from Instruments

Automatically capture data from instruments including sequencers, bioreactors, liquid handlers, etc., via Thermo Scientific™ Core SDMS™ software. Generate worklist files for instruments such as liquid handlers to support cherry picking, dilution, normalization, etc.

Data Exchange with Third Party Tools

Integrations with complementary tools such as Pi Data Historian for bioprocessing data historian capabilities, Biomatters’ Geneious for sequence annotation, and data analysis and process optimization packages, and available and enabled by the ODATA API.

Lab Informatics Solutions to Meet Emerging Biologics Needs

Biopharma organizations are innovating rapidly — creating and responding to emerging biological entity types, therapeutic delivery methods, bioprocessing methods, and other factors. Our biologics solutions facilitate efficient collection, analysis, use, and sharing of biologic data to accelerate improved drug discovery and development outcomes. The solutions span the generation, characterization, and screening of traditional and new biologics including antibodies, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), peptides, antisense oligonucleotides, and any other types of modalities.

Solutions are built on  Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software and are comprised of apps from the Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Marketplace solution, customer-specific workflow configurations, and relevant products (Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™Core ELN™Core SDMS™, and Core Connect™ software). The apps operate together seamlessly: a scientist performing HTS uses the same molecular entities registered by colleagues in the registration apps, and tracks sample lineage across processes using the sample and inventory management apps.

Not Biopharma?

Our biologics solutions go beyond novel therapeutic discovery. Customers use the Platform for Science to support reagent engineering and manufacturing, development of biosimilars, and other related processes.

Looking for a Solution Beyond Discovery?

Additional capabilities are availble in the PFS Marketplace to support biopharmaceutical R&D processes, such as protein engineering, screening, and other lead optimization activities.

Biologics Registration Solution

Register, track, query, report and manage relationships between an unlimited number of biological entity types.

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