Biologics Discovery and Development Solution

Streamline Peptide & Antibody Therapeutic Discovery through Development

Core Informatics’ Biologics Discovery and Development Solution is built to meet the needs of modern biopharma organizations by providing the ability to define, collect, analyze, and securely share diverse data within a single platform. The apps in the solution support biopharmaceutical R&D processes, such as protein engineering, screening, and other lead optimization activities.

Biopharmaceutical organizations can leverage the Biologics Discovery and Development Solution and its associated tools to manage large and complex biologics data. The Platform for Science provides bench scientists and research and development leadership the ability to derive insights across the statuses of assays and projects to make informed decisions and improve processes. For example, a scientist can track the relationships between biological entities (e.g., amino acid sequences and proteins, DNA and RNA derived from samples, etc.), perform biologic-specific activities and store the data output (e.g., sequence annotations), collect data across multiple steps of protein engineering workflows and QC results.

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Gain Insights from Your Complex Biological Data and Processes with Core’s Biologics Discovery Solution

The Platform for Science Marketplace delivers biologics discovery and development apps that readily integrate into your existing business rules and workflows for inventory and sample management—and that can be managed from any location or device with appropriate permissions.

  • Biologic registration: Quickly and accurately register and manage biologic samples individually or in bulk
  • High throughput screening (HTS): Collect HTS data for biochemical and cell-based assays directly from instrumentation for interpretation
  • Library generation: Define, execute and QC molecular biology processes with high accuracy
  • Molecular Reagent Management: Use the molecular cloning, cell line generation and engineering, cell culture management, nucleic acid purification, restriction digest, PCR, and gel electrophoresis applications to track each step in the creation and optimization of your drug candidate
  • Protein Characterization and Quantification: Quantify and characterize a potential drug candidate by using the Flow Cytometry, ELISA management, Western Blot, Protein Purification applications
  • Sample inventory management: Maintain sample and container lineage and full chain of custody for samples, integrate with barcoding and inventory management systems

See all the Biopharma apps in the Platform for Science Marketplace and start planning your complete system today!

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