Improve Data Quality in Biobanking

Manage the Sample Life Cycle to Maintain High Quality Data

Biobanking facilitates the development of knowledge which can improve our understanding of health and disease, whether it is in humans or animals. Biobanking solutions for Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software maintain specimen integrity from blood draw through specimen archiving, enabling the production of high quality data. Our biobanking solutions are built in accordance with ISBER best practices.

Apps for biobanking workflows are available in the Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Marketplace solution.

Clinical specimin accessioning homepage in the biobanking solution

Streamline Specimen, Study, and Inventory Management Procedures

Easily manage and standardize specimen requests, annotations, accessioning, and study management protocols to maintain high specimen quality and process reproducibility. Use our biobanking solutions to collaborate, share, and request data across biobank networks. The solutions also provide the capability to quickly store, search, report, and manage biobank inventory enabling quick turnaround times on specimen requests.

Protect Patient and Clinical Study Information

Platform for Science software enables ISBER best practices. Users can manage and track Patient Informed Consent forms, anonymize patient information, and blind patient data or testing information. Retrieve, store, and track all information related to the sample life cycle while maintaining high quality patient and specimen integrity.

biobanking data management solutions to meet customer needs

Biobanking Data Management Solutions to Meet Customer Needs

Biobanking solutions are flexible and can be configured to meet your facility’s specific needs. Track specimen information from sample draw through accessioning, analysis, reporting, shipment, storage, archiving, and destruction. Tracking the entire life cycle of a sample provides scientists with a 360° view of the specimen data, enabling quick and informed decision making.

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