Manage Processes and Data to Maintain High-Quality Biorepositories

Key to the discovery of new disease pathways, biomarkers, and, ultimately, revolutionary drugs and therapies are well-characterized, high-quality biospecimens. The Platform for Science Marketplace provides easy-to-use apps that enable organizations to better leverage research specimens and samples. The biobanking solution comprises apps which allow users to: manage and annotate any type of specimen; track specimen location, container and handling; maintain an auditable chain of custody including relationships to derivative samples from receipt through to storage, retrieval, and disbursement.

Apps for Biobanking

The biobanking apps readily integrate into your existing business rules and workflows for inventory and sample management — and can be managed from any location or device with appropriate permissions.

  • Specimen accessioning: Manage human, plant, animal, or microbial specimens and any number of metadata attributes to provide disease area or patient context or information about project use, storage or handling
  • Inventory management: Integrate with barcoding and inventory management systems
  • Sample preparation: Track data associated with sample preparation and derivative creation such as cell isolation, whole blood fractionation, DNA or RNA extraction, serum or plasma prep, and slide staining or imaging; integrate with associated instrumentation and robotic systems
  • Study Management: Manage assay requests and easily define studies and study groups
  • Auditing: Maintain sample and container lineage and full chain of custody for samples, including data known prior to the accession date

See all the Biopharma apps in the Platform for Science Marketplace and start planning your complete system today!

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