Watson LIMS

Power Your Bioanalytical Workflows

Increase Visibility into Your Bioanalytical Laboratory

Thermo Scientific™ Watson LIMS™ software is ready to help manage bioanalytical studies, from initiation through study close out, and was designed with a deep understanding of the bioanalytical workflow and regulations. Study coordinators, scientists and technicians are able to move logically through each step in the workflow, simplifying bioanalytical support for nonclinical and clinical studies.

Bioanalytical Study Life Cycle

Promote Compliance with Complete Study Life Cycle Management

With Watson LIMS software, you're always audit ready. Watson LIMS software provides complete traceability from study initiation through study closeout. Quickly and easily provide an auditor with a sample’s chain of custody, an assay’s method validation, ISR results, or justification for repeat analyses. Watson LIMS software provides Principal Investigators with a 360° view of their bioanalytical study, enabling confidence and compliance in their study.

Facilitate and Manage Immunogenicity Testing

Immunogenicity assays protect patients from potentially harmful anti-drug antibodies and provide insights into neutralizing antibodies that may inhibit the biologic activity of a drug. The Immune Response Module (IRM) enables a tiered approach to performing immunogenicity assessments. The IRM guides its users through the tiered approach of performing a screening, confirmatory, and neutralizing assay.

Quickly See Value With a Purpose-Built Solution

Streamline your implementation process with Watson LIMS software. Watson LIMS software utilizes established processes and templates requiring minimal configuration to meet your bioanalytical laboratory’s specific needs. Our team of experts not only understands the complex requirements of a bioanalytical lab, they also have the experience required to ensure every implementation is a success.

Capture Data Contemporaneously with an Integrated Approach

With an extensive library of bi-directional interfaces to commonly used bioanalytical instruments, no matter what hardware and equipment you use or might add to your lab, Watson LIMS software can speak its language. Raw data is transferred from the data acquisition software back into Watson LIMS software for processing and review. Secure connections eliminate transcription errors and preserve data integrity.

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