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Core SDMS (Scientific Data Management System)

Thermo Scientific™ Core SDMS™ Software provides an automated data capture framework for the integration of the Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ Software with laboratory instruments and workflows. Once data is captured in Platform for Science software, it is accessible in products (Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™ Software & Thermo Scientific™ Core ELN™ Software) and applications across the platform. Our vendor agnostic approach accelerates scientific decision making by simplifying the capture and archive of vital instrument results files.

Core SDMS to Core LIMS Capture

The Core SDMS software monitors folders on your network file system configured for Automated Data Capture. As the Core SDMS software detects the presence of a new file, it will load the file into the Core LIMS software for archival and then will invoke the appropriate file parser. As part of the specification and rollout of the Core SDMS software, we work with each customer to determine which instruments require Automated Data Capture. The Core SDMS software features a library of preexisting file parsers that support rapid integration of contemporary laboratory instrumentation.

Core SDMS to Core ELN Capture

Core SDMS software enables rapid capture of intellectual property into the Core ELN software. Users can configure Automated Data Capture folders in the Core ELN software on a Notebook-by-Notebook basis.  When the Core SDMS software detects new files in these folders it will create a new entry in the appropriate notebook and automatically load the files into associated sections.  Scientists simply review the entries in the Core ELN software and apply an electronic signature to secure the future value of the data.

Benefits of the Core SDMS

  • Increase performance
  • Streamline data capture
  • Eliminate time spent entering data
  • Reduce risk of human errors
  • Simplify regulatory compliance

Exchange Data

Research laboratories often require tools that enable the sharing of information and data (importing and exporting) with external partners and contract research organizations. Core SDMS software can also be configured to automatically capture data files at remote sites, including partner facilities – easing the import of data into a common repository. Core SDMS software can support granular security permissions allowing organizations to easily configure information and data access levels based upon their association to a partner or project.

Data Management

Core SDMS software captures and manages data files associated with maintaining regulatory compliance. Raw Data files are stored in the Platform for Science software, which serves as a repository. All files managed by the Core SDMS software have version history, electronic signatures and audit logs to support any record retention and data archival policies. Know when data files were created, if they were modified (and by whom), and other key information for audits.

Features of the Core SDMS

  • Automated or manual loading of files
  • Data file used to insert, update, or “upsert”
  • Creates multiple entity types with one file, as well as associations
  • Allows entities to have unique locations and/or projects
  • Assigns barcodes and/or names for created entities
  • Data file attached to all created/updated entities
  • Supports XLS, XLSX, tab-delimited TXT files, and more…
  • Supports spreadsheets with mulitple worksheets in Excel
  • Mapping functionality allows use of flexible data file formats across all entity types
  • No manual re-formatting of exported data file required
  • Fast-fail notifications explain where data problems occurred and why before data loading
  • Parsing and error messaging functionality finds errors in advance of loading, and can automatically email error messages to users.
  • Multi-threading option increases performance

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