Core ELN Features

The Core ELN is a flexible, highly scalable software solution for capturing, analyzing, managing and sharing data. Robust integration with existing processes, procedures and workflows increases efficiency and simplifies the transition to a “paperless” system.

ELN Features & Functionality


We can help you extend or add new functionality to meet any unique requirements.

21CFR11 Compliant/Security

Core ELN software fully meets 21CFR11 and GxP requirements.

Workflow Control

Core ELN software seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, procedures, and workflows, making your transition to an electronic lab notebook solution effortless.


More accessible data promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration, and minimizes duplication of work. Workflow features provide a seamless transition of tasks across groups throughout the course of a project, and eliminates the burden of paper trails and traditional paper notebooks.


Real-time integration and electronic data transfer with various instrumentation and automation increases efficiency, eliminates errors, and provides a solution for system monitoring and calibration.

User Friendly

The friendly, natural work environment makes it easy to enter and manage data and generate reports.

Customizable Templates

Templates provide structure and enforce data entry requirements and can be included in workflows to streamline tasks and approval requests.

Free Form Documents

These documents allow for unstructured data entry, including drag and drop functionality, free text, image import, and the addition of data from spreadsheets, charts, graphs, etc. .

Paperless in Minutes

Create electronic documents directly from existing notebooks, documents, or SOPs.

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