Chemistry ELN

Chemically Intelligent Experiment Data Management

Chemistry ELN extends the functions of Thermo Fisher™ Core ELN™ software with specific tools that support and simplify the day-to-day research of medicinal and synthetic chemists. Core ELN software’s chemically intelligent environment manages chemistry workflows in a flexible, secure environment that allows scientists to perform powerful searches across experiments, samples, and instruments. It supports the chemistry R&D value chain in its three stages: synthetic chemistry (research/discovery), analytical chemistry (pre-clinical) and process chemistry (development).

  • Capture Knowledge

    Combine any contextual data along with details of the reaction undertaken, Microsoft Office documents, and links to data sources to ensure that all knowledge is captured and stored securely, in one place

  • Structure Rendering

    Provides user or globally definable structure rendering options (bond lengths, stereochemistry, aromatic representations, atom colors and default font size)

  • External Activity

    Link and search any chemistry data source, inventory, reagents or reaction, virtual store or web resource

  • Consolidate Data

    Consolidates data and increases efficiency through structure refinement in situ, single and bulk compound registration, SD file import and export and parallel synthesis library enumeration

  • Chemistry Searching

    Industry-standard chemistry searching (SSS, exact, similarity, reaction transformation, product/reactant, etc)

Benefits of the Chemistry ELN

The Chemistry ELN provides a smooth, well-organized interface designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks. Users can easily insert content from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat PDF, ChemDraw and structured data in lists and tables. Forms are configured with any combination of these. Oracle or SQL support allows organizations to share data, as well as maintain rigorous security and efficient archiving. With Core ELN software, users get the flexibility of a shared drive with the search benefits of an Oracle database.

Core ELN software has been developed over the last 10 years in close collaboration with many of the world’s top research and development organizations. This development has been facilitated by detailed interactions with leading compliance and intellectual property experts as well as some of the best system architects in R&D. As a result, Core ELN software is flexible and configurable, enabling analysis, sharing, reporting, and paper-free searching on your lab’s scientific data repository.

Specific Uses for Chemistry Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN):

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