Preclinical – Unique solution to late stage discovery data management

Preclinical ELN

Unique lab notebook solution for late stage discovery data management

Preclinical data represents a unique data management challenge. In common with HCS, preclinical scientists collect a variety of different data types (including textual, image and instrument output data) from a relatively few number of subjects. Core ELN (Core ELN for Biology) represents a unique way to capture these disparate data types, within a CFR 21 part 11-ready environment. Novel multi-dimensional spreadsheet technology and direct import of data from external sources makes the Core ELN for Biology a powerful and flexible solution for late stage discovery/preclinical complete electronic study management.

Paper notebooks have traditionally been considered to be the record source for the entirety of an experiment, but they often miss non-experimental information generated shortly after conception. For example, toxicology studies are often initiated not by the scientist who ultimately runs the experiment, but instead by a manager or coordinator who assigns the study to the scientist. Important material related to this first step in the process, such as ideas, emails, and other communications are often left out of traditional paper notebooks. The Core ELN toxicology workflow addresses this concern: studies are first created by a manager, and subsequently assigned to the scientist for execution.