Core ELN for Discovery Biologists

Today’s researchers are spending more and more of their time capturing and reporting on information – in many cases the only available medium is still the paper laboratory notebook. Discovery Biology often involves large quantities of samples, experiments, and subsequent data, making this task even more burdensome. In addition, all of this data is very difficult to query and share in paper format.

The Core Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) simplifies the entire process for scientists in all areas of Discovery Biology. Data can be quickly captured, queried, reused, and reported, all within a user-friendly, secure environment.

Benefits for the Discovery Biologist include:

  • Sharing and reuse of data enhances collaboration and improves experimental design.
  • Capture and consolidation of data from various instruments, automation, and software.
  • Secure, searchable documents that can include customizable workflows and electronic signatures.

These scientists are involved at the very start of the drug discovery process, as genomics and genetics are essential disciplines used when identifying a disease target. This work is methodical but unscripted, and so requires an electronic notebook pallet that is as free form as its paper predecessor. This is where the benefit of Core ELN’s flexibility is unmistakable. While the system can be set up with rigid form-based data entry appropriate for later stage research and development, discovery biology configurations are typically open and boundless. Genomic map and DNA, RNA and protein sequence files can be dragged-and-dropped into Core ELN, sequencing results can be sent directly from instruments to electronic experiments, and protocols and data can be managed with familiar tools such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

The beauty of capturing data in Core ELN is that information can be compiled and viewed in a meaningful way. For example, the creation of a new biological strain entails many steps, potentially involving nonconsecutive workdays of various individuals. Core ELN can generate customized reports that meaningfully summarize the process in real time. These reports are navigable—clicking on each step will bring you to the corresponding experiment.

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