Bioproducts ELN

ELN for Bioproducts Research

Efficiently record, analyze and report bioproducts research results

Scientists involved in bioproducts R&D work with many products, tools, instruments, protocols, and information sources. With Core ELN (Core ELN for Biology), scientists can quickly record, search, share and report information on specific biologics including DNA, RNA, drug compounds, cell lines, cultures, proteins, antibodies, etc.

Regulatory bodies like the FDA require strict compliance with 21 CFR part 11 regulations. Core ELN consolidates project data into centralized, fully versioned, shareable, and searchable documents with electronic signatures, audit trails, and security.

Scientists in Bioproducts benefit from:

  • Reducing time spent on documentation
  • Ability to reuse protocols and methodologies for lower risk, higher success experiments
  • Cross experiment analysis and interpretation
  • Optimal task and workflow communication
  • Consistent processes across organizations