Bioformulations ELN

Bioformulations ELN

Streamline design and execution for formulations and re-formulations

With Core ELN (Core ELN for Biology), bioformulators can rapidly document the methodology, design, analysis and interpretation of formulation studies in re-useable, readily accessible electronic documents.

Core ELN speeds documentation by integrating balance information directly into the notebook and by auto-populating tables with solvents, salts, substances, compounds, and active ingredients used in bioformulation recipes.

Bioformulations departments benefit from:

  • Better coordination of formulation studies
  • Enhanced formulation design through reuse of information
  • Consistent processes in compliance with regulatory requirements

Bioformulators benefit from:

  • Clone experiments to reformulate faster
  • Speed reformulations using existing templates
  • Ability to search, compare and make design decisions by exploring information across studies