Unlock Your Data with Core Connect

Open the door to communication between the Platform for Science and other software systems. Core Connect is a suite of software integration services designed to make data in the Platform for Science available to be analyzed, used, and shared. Core Connect meets the needs of developers and end users in scientific industries who need to integrate scientific data without adding complexity to their enterprise architectures.


Core OData API on the Platform for Science

Core’s OData API is a key feature of Core Connect. The OData API makes the Platform for Science an OData producer: your data is available with a few clicks from tools that are OData consumers like Tableau, MS Excel, and Salesforce.

In addition, enterprise service / integration buses like Mulesoft and consumer integration tools like Zapierand IFTTT can access your data easily and securely. These tools open up additional ecosystems of vendors and actions (e.g., webhooks) with a few clicks, rather than custom code.

Users also get the benefits of an open, modern standard using OData. OData is well documented and is supported by a community of vendors and users, making new capabilities available all the time. 


Unlock Data

Easily connect to OData consumers like MS Excel and Tableau.

Trigger Actions

Automatically trigger and receive actions across systems


Explore your data across proprietary databases, languages, and applications.

Save Time

Save time and money by configuring instead of coding integrations.


Work in harmony with a platform that complements your other IT investments.

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