CRO/CMO Provider


A CRO or CMO (or other external/outsourcing organization) that has several scientific organizations (“sponsors”) as clients

The CRO/CMO Provider model is growing as contract laboratories expand to meet the outsourcing demands of R&D organizations. To be successful, a provider must complete projects to meet client organizations’ unique requirements, and provide clients fast and secure access to their proprietary results and data. In the CRO/CMO Provider model, the CRO  provides each client access to its own Collaboration Space. The client organization monitors the activities of the provider, approves outputs, submits requests for work, changes to workflows, and exports selected results for archival in their corporate data warehouse.

This type of platform provides instantaneous communication, which is particularly important for CROs and CMOs (and other service providers) which often require external approval to take the next step in the scientific process. When the client organization has instant access to the data on the platform, all communication takes place between well-informed teams on both sides of the relationship.

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