Multiple organizations – R&D, CROs, CMOs, Government, Non-Profit and Academic – all working on a common project or program

The Consortium model is the most interconnected of the collaboration models. In a Consortium, a web of thought leaders and provider organizations grows around a project; there may or may not be a traditional sponsor organization. In a Consortium, many different organizations work together toward the same goal. These R&D partnerships create vast intellectual supply chains or Virtualized Reseach Ecosystems, with security rights and access granted to each contributor on an individual basis.

The Consortium model is on the rise due in part to cloud-based platform technologies, which sidestep the need for investment in fixed IT infrastructure. If the consortium leadership determines that a provider should be added, a new account can be created to allow the new organization to join. Once the work is done, the account can be closed and the organization is removed from the web of research suppliers.

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