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Core Collaboration

Core Collaboration speeds information sharing by providing immediate, securely sequestered access to data, workflows, and applications to partners and talent around the world. Core Collaboration provides private multi-tenant collaboration spaces within a deployment of Core’s Platform for Science. Collaboration spaces can be created or decommissioned within hours and are pre-populated with the appropriate products (Core LIMSELNSDMS) and applications using established business rules.

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Same Goals, Different Locations

Core Collaboration makes it easy for you to share with your partners. When properly done, research collaboration enables project teams to efficiently use external resources to realize project goals and objectives in real-time. Different types of partnerships need different types of collaborative ecosytems, so a successful platform should be easily configured to fit the needs of any organization.

What's Your Collaboration Style?


Research Externalization

CRO/CMO Provider



Externalization Challenges Faced by Scientific Organizations


Business Leaders

Must accelerate New Product Initiatives, increase ROI, and reduce risk.


Research Groups

Struggle to synchronously exchange data with partners to drive just-in-time decision making to effectively innovate 24/7.


IT Teams

Under pressure to increase agility, rapidly facilitate collaborations, and control IT costs and complexity.

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