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A Platform Approach to Lab Informatics

The Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software is the underlying data management infrastructure designed to support workflows across your scientific organization. This flexible, extensible, cloud-based platform helps you easily collect, store, access, share and use your scientific data.

LIMS data capture across scientific workflows

A Platform to Fit Your Needs

Our solutions work together on top of the Platform for Science software, to support data capture across your scientific workflows. Solutions consist of apps, designed to have you up and running quickly. Changes to these solutions are made through configurations, not custom code. These changes are immediately available throughout the platform and are reflected in our standards-based OData API.

Same Goals, Different Locations

When properly done, research collaboration enables project teams to efficiently use external resources to realize project goals and objectives in real-time. Platform for Science software makes it easy for you to share with your partners by providing immediate, securely sequestered access to data, workflows, and applications to partners and talent around the world. Different types of partnerships need different types of collaborative ecosystems, and Platform for Science software can be easily configured to fit the needs of any organization.

NGS LIMS operations overview on laptop


Access your data securly any time, anywhere leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.


Born in the Cloud

The Platform for Science and all of its products and applications have been designed with a "cloud first" mentality.

Add Capabilities

Discover, deploy, and develop solutions using apps. Integrate disparate data and extend the platform using our APIs.


Applications from the Platform for Science Marketplace can be combined to fit the workflows specific to your lab.


Leverage the power and flexibility of the Platform for Science through a web browser with zero local installation.


Any Device

Tablet, phone, or computer-- it doesn't matter. As long as you have internet access, you can access the Platform for Science.

How It All Works

All products and apps work together on top of Platform for Science software to provide your scientific data management solution. Easily add capabilities over time through apps and configuration. Extend the platform using the standards-based OData API to integrate with your chosen systems.

01. Applications

Applications provide templates to get you up and running quickly, while leveraging industry best practices. Combine apps to fit the exact requirements of your workflows.

02. Products

Thermo Scientific™ Core LIMS™, Core ELN™, Core SDMS™, and Core Connect™ software enables seamless data capture and management, automation, collaboration, and integration.

03. Platform

The flexible and extensible data model of the Platform for Science software supports workflows across your scientific organization, streamlining analysis and providing a single source of truth. 

04. Infrastructure

Platform for Science software is cloud-native. Managed deployments are available in the AWS cloud. You can also deploy to your own infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-prem.


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