Expect More from Your LIMS


Your data,
how you want it

Whether you’re moving from a legacy LIMS, or starting fresh, our pre-built workflows can get you up and running quickly and easily. With the Core LIMS, you can further configure the workflows to meet your specific needs.

Add Capabilities
as You Grow

New data types and workflows are simple to add in the Core LIMS, with no custom code. SDMS, ELN, and Collaboration capabilities are available as well – and because Core’s products and apps are all built on the Platform for Science, no integration is needed.

Collect and Share
Data Securely and

Share your data securely with groups and tools. Interact in real-time with collaborators in your lab or across the globe. Leverage Core’s RESTful API and SDMS to exchange and load data from external sources and instruments.

Anywhere, any time,
any device

In the cloud or on-premises, the choice is yours. If you’re online, you can be on the LIMS. Core Informatics is the first and only LIMS provider in Amazon Web Services' Life Sciences Competency Partner program.

Your LIMS Can Get Better With Age

Effectively managing lab data is challenging. New instruments, techniques, data types, and tools are constantly becoming available. You need the flexibility to evolve with new advances in science and technology – without outgrowing your LIMS...

We work closely with you to define your LIMS roadmap, and we stay in constant communication throughout the entire process. We think that’s the best way to meet your goals. We want to make you happy with your LIMS.