Environmental LIMS

A LIMS from Core Informatics can cost-effectively increase the efficiency and productivity of environmental labs. The system's flexible component based architecture allows it to be customized to fit each client's specific needs from water and wastewater to soil testing labs.

The Core LIMS helps scientists to perform routine to complex customized tasks with greater efficiency, and eliminates transcription errors through direct integration with laboratory instrumentation. It is highly configurable for ease of use across functions. Samples can be routed through different tests, studies, projects, or lots with full container-cell lineage, genealogy, and process tracking. Alerts are automatically generated when predefined thresholds are met, allowing scientists and managers to track multiple projects without worrying about the status of each, and know immediately if something goes wrong.

Environmental labs benefit from the Core system's batch sample login capability, allowing the assignment of the same properties to multiple samples, saving data input time and increasing data integrity. They can also increase throughput with the improved sample turnaround time from the automation of processes provided by the Core LIMS.

Benefits of the Core LIMS
to Environmental Industries:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Electronic document management
  • Workflow management
  • Project management
  • Instrument integration for data collection automation
  • Automatic results reduction & flagging
  • Automatic alerts based on thresholds, authorization, publishing
  • Customized automatic & ad hoc reporting
  • Integration with third party systems (ERP/HR/accounting etc.)
  • Sample management (login, registration integrity, life cycle tracking, etc.)
  • Chain of custody
  • QA/QC
  • Results export & reporting to other integrated platforms
  • Employee safety management (MSDS)
  • Barcode, RFID compatible
  • Work allocation & scheduling to reduce bottlenecks
  • Data security & integrity
  • Regulatory compliance with the EPA’s SEDD, ISO-17025, etc.

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