Platform for Science Deployment Options

Deploy your lab informatics platform in the AWS cloud, or in your own environment.

Our team provides end-to-end management and support of Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software deployments in the AWS cloud. We provision the cloud services, install and configure the Platform for Science software and related products, and maintain your environment.

If you would prefer to manage your own environment, you can deploy our products and services in your own infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. With this option, customers manage all aspects of the deployment, installation, and maintenance of the infrastructure and software products.

“By providing a reliable cloud Infrastructure, Core Informatics is helping regulated labs using Platform for Science deliver innovative and scalable solutions to their customers and we’re excited that they’ve built this solution on the AWS Cloud.”

— Steve Halliwell, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Amazon Web Services Partner Newtork Advanced Technology Partner


Subscription-based, SaaS delivery, on a shared cloud infrastructure.

Your Space in the Cloud

Cloud keeps your entire instance and your data separate from the other organizations in the Cloud, while also allowing you to reap the cost-saving and security benefits of being in a large AWS Cloud.

Enterprise Cloud

Private cloud infrastructure, options for regulatory compliance including validation, HIPAA, etc.

Your Cloud

We provision your cloud service, install and configure the Platform for Science software and related products, and maintain your environment.

Customer Managed

Your IT infrastructure (cloud or on-premises), options for regulatory compliance including validation, HIPAA, etc.

You are in Control

Run the Platform for Science software on your own Cloud instance or on your server. Your team is in control of all aspects of the deployment and maintenance of infrastructure and software products.

 CloudEnterprise CloudCustomer Managed
Managed SolutionYYN
Customer Controlled Upgrade ScheduleNYY
Supports System ValidationNYY
Access to Shared ServicesYYN
Managed UpgradesYYCustomer Responsibility
Integrated MonitoringYYCustomer Responsibility
Integrated Change ManagementYYCustomer Responsibility
Application InstallationYYCustomer Responsibility
Secured NetworkYYCustomer Responsibility
Secured CommunicationYYCustomer Responsibility
VPN Access AvailableNYCustomer Responsibility
Data Encryption in TransitYYCustomer Responsibility
Data Encryption at RestYYCustomer Responsibility
Validated CloudN$Customer Responsibility
Scalable Compute ResourcesYYCustomer Responsibility
Scalable Data StorageYYCustomer Responsibility
Server AccessNNCustomer Responsibility
Database AccessNYCustomer Responsibility
Automated Data BackupYYCustomer Responsibility
Disaster RecoveryYYCustomer Responsibility
Custom Domain NameNYCustomer Responsibility

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