Our LIMS Approach: Your Satisfaction Is Critical

Communication & Flexibility

The most critical elements to successfully deploying a LIMS are communication and flexibility. As a LIMS project progresses from requirements gathering to installation, and configuration to deployment, the most critical elements can change. We work with you throughout the entire project lifecycle, ensuring that requirements and timelines are met, and that users are prepared to take full advantage of our unique architecture.

When the project first begins and functional requirements gathering is underway, effective communication is absolutely critical – we speak your language. This enables us to deliver a very thorough functional specification document that speaks to your needs in your own terms. This process solidifies exactly what you will get when the system goes live, so that there are no surprises.

As we enter the installation and configuration phase of a LIMS deployment, the flexibility of the underlying system becomes paramount. Our ability to move quickly from a user requirement specification document to a fully configured enterprise LIMS in about two months can only be accomplished because of the architecture of the underlying Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software.

Once the LIMS is deployed and the project moves into a support and maintenance mode, communication and flexibility are equally essential. Anyone who has worked in this industry knows that the environment is always changing: new technologies and new assays being brought online, etc. Because of the underlying flexibility of the Platform for Science software database, we can easily add new functionality into the system (either through configuration or via applications) as your needs change over time.

Partnering for LIMS Success

We use an iterative delivery model that focuses on collaboration and transparency to drive success.

  • We work closely with your team to define a shared vision for the implementation of your informatics solution.  The shared vision sets the stage for success by providing focus around shared goals defined in terms of clearly defined objectives with related success criteria.  The success of the project revolves around meeting and exceeding the defined success criteria.
  • We work with you to adopt an adaptable implementation methodology which delivers incremental delivery of value.  An iterative approach helps us manage change as requirements are refined, the solution is implemented, and testing is completed.  This model allows for both sides to rapidly realize and assess progress and make adjustments in order to meet objectives.
  • A high degree of collaboration with your team ensures transparency throughout the implementation.  This close working relationship, allows stakeholders and team members to remain informed on the progress of the implementation, empowers them to effectively manage risk, and guarantees a level of accountability which drives success.

Collaboration and Commitment Lead to Success

Our team works with you to deliver a successful solution through commitment and diligence to meet your business objectives.  A high level of dedication and responsiveness from both teams during the implementation will ensure the delivery of a system tailored to fit your needs and expectations. We are not just a vendor – we are your partner.

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