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Behind the Platform for Science

Core Informatics, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, built the Platform for Science to meet the needs of scientists, IT, and business leaders who demand more from their informatics solutions. The Platform for Science supports the rapid configuration and deployment of a range of products, applications and solutions. Workflow-specific capabilities can be added with apps from the Platform for Science Marketplace.

Our products include: Core LIMS for lab information management, Core ELN for lab notebook  data management, Core Connect for software integration, Core SDMS for instrument integration and automated data capture, and Core Collaboration for secure data exchange and storage across teams.

We team with customers across the globe to build solutions supporting externalized research models and global collaborations, technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for precision medicine, new data types such as protein structures and genetic sequences, and are adaptable to meet changing workflows and emerging needs over time.

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