What is the Marketplace?

The  Marketplace creates unparalleled flexibility in your laboratory’s informatics system.

Introducing the Marketplace

Say, “goodbye” to your one-size-fits-all informatics system. Say, “hello” to the flexibility and individuality offered by the Marketplace.

Gone are the days of behemoth installations with years of integration services stifling your ability to update experiments and workflows. Your IT team longer needs to fear your informatics system “will not be able to handle” innovation and upgrades. Now you can work the way you live– thinking and planning for the future. You don’t live in the past, why should your data?

Scientific informatics solutions at your fingertips

The Marketplace provides an ever expanding library of scientific solutions and applications for a variety of industries, across all workflow stages. The apps are built on top of the scalable and extendable Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software. Apps can be developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific, our partners and our customers, and are based on industry best practices and modern scientific workflows.

When the opportunity for a new research direction arises, you can easily search the catalogue to find the right application for your system. To help guide you through the browsing experience, solution areas such as Drug Discovery, Genomics, and Biobanking. Instead of months of a costly custom coding project, the Marketplace has a library of preconfigured apps that enable rapid integration of multiple data sources including instruments, collaborators and third party solutions. These “ready to go” apps can be available for your system within days.

A flexible informatics system

With applications from the Marketplace, there will never be a need to replace your entire system. Your team can quickly add updates and new applications, ensuring as the goals and needs of your organization change, your system will evolve with you. This process helps your organization speed deployments and avoid lengthy, expensive installs of custom code with extended services contracts.

Marketplace apps are specifically designed to allow any necessary light configuration- this guarantees there is never a need to “force the fit” within your system. The app configurability ensures proper workflows are created in a timely fashion so scientists never need to sit idle as changes to the informatics system are being put in place.

Creating an informatics system to help achieve your goals

The Marketplace creates educated consumers. It allows organizations to find and define the apps they need to achieve their scientific informatics goals. It also shares workflow suggestions to spark new ideas and keep solutions in sync with the rapid rate of scientific advances.

Platform for Science software allows you to utilize your old system, and the information in it, while benefitting from the new apps and innovations being made available in the Marketplace. You do not need to exclusively run Thermo Fisher software on the Platform for Science to utilize the Marketplace. The products and applications available on Platform for Science software can easily integrate with your legacy systems.

How does it work?

Anyone searching for scientific informatics solutions can browse the Marketplace to find apps to support his/her lab activities, while researching capabilities and comparing functionalities on their own timelines. Every app has a clear description of its benefits and uses. The user interface is intuitive, with products (LIMS, ELN, etc.), applications, and easily searchable solution areas.

Shop on your own time. The Marketplace never closes and new apps are being added all the time. Solution areas of pre-packaged applications meet the needs of drug discovery (small molecule and biologics), Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), biobanking, and more. And, if users can’t find what they are looking for in the app registry, they can request a new application to be added to the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is as flexible as your future

The results of your next experiment could be groundbreaking. You should be able to pursue the unexpected. Your informatics system should be flexible enough to evolve and embrace your discoveries with you.