Enabling Therapeutic R&D for Biologics Discovery

A Comprehensive Platform for Biologics Discovery

As biopharma companies rapidly advance in the biologics space, it is becoming evident that traditional information management systems can’t handle the complex data and workflows used in biologics drug discovery. Read our tech brief where we discuss how Biologics Discovery Solutions are used to track samples and record data across the pipeline.

A Modular Biologics Solution for Lab Workflows

As the biologics field expands, therapeutics have become increasingly more sophisticated and the methods needed to generate and screen these reagents have grown as well. We recognize that every lab’s processes are unique and that even within the same company, what works for one lab, might not work for another. By leveraging the modularity of our biologics apps, we provide customers with an informatics solution that has the capability to handle biologics information, while maintaining the flexibility to fit any number of workflows.

Informatics Solutions for All Phases of Therapeutic Discovery & Development

Our mission is to team with our customers to provide informatics solutions across all phases of therapeutic discovery and development. The Biologics Discovery Solution is built on Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software, leveraging applications from the Marketplace, and facilitating efficient collection, analysis, use, and sharing of biologic data to accelerate improved drug discovery outcomes. The solution provides capabilities in biologics registration, HTS, library generation workflows, and inventory management all on a cloud-based platform with robust APIs. Learn more about how our Biologics Discovery Solution can support a variety of R&D workflows to fit your evolving needs.