Watch out! Cloud Computing is growing– Again

The world of cloud computing has moved beyond its early growing pains and is now in its second growth spurt. According to Forrester estimates, this market had $58 billion in revenues in 2013, but that seems small when compared to the projected market of $191 billion by the year 2020.

What is pushing this dramatic growth?

Companies which may have been skeptical of the cloud in its infancy are starting to understand a move to the cloud improves productivity and reduces IT costs. In a Forrester blog, James Staten considers the move to the cloud to be inevitable, ‰While the last several years can be best characterized as exploratory for most enterprises, cloud services and cloud platforms are now an undeniable part of the IT landscape.‰

Companies are done dipping their toes in to test the water. In this second stage of cloud development, they are jumping in with both feet. In 2013 a high percentage of companies embraced the cloud to enter new markets, and established new business models to engage with customers, employees and partners. Well over two thirds of companies surveyed by Oxford Economics expect cloud computing to improve productivity, innovation and speed. At the same time, two thirds of the organizations surveyed say the use of the cloud has transformed IT into a profit center.

Although Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are still leading the market, the Platform as a Service market (PaaS), led by Amazon Web Services, is showing strong growth. Over half of all businesses who use PaaS build and host applications for customer service or business collaboration. While 58% collaborate with partners to create or leverage new products and services. Cloud services allow businesses to be nimble, adopting new capabilities quickly and easily.

The financial benefits of shared cloud computing are also undeniable, with pay-per-use pricing, managed IT services and economies of scale‰Óstaying out of the cloud doesn‰’t make economic sense. Thanks to the advent of PaaS solutions, small companies can now have access to virtual computer systems, such as SalesForce, which are equal to what is found in much larger companies. Core Informatics offers one such cloud-native scientific PaaS solution to its clients, Platform for Science.

The Platform for Science provides a flexible, scalable, cost effective and secure way to collect, store, analyze and report on data for any laboratory workflow. PFs allows small and medium size labs to enter the market who previously did not have the money to afford a large in-house computer data management installation. The system provides scientific data management with LIMS, ELN and SDMS functions along with a marketplace of applications designed to support all phases of new product innovation and development across a broad range of industries. PFS is available at any time, from anywhere with minimal start-up costs.

Cloud services are beginning to act as a great equalizer in the business world. Overall, cloud services bring cost savings, standardization, speed and flexibility to organizations. In the future it will be difficult for companies to make new computing investments without keeping the cloud in mind.

To find out more about Platform for Science, request our white paper.