Trends in the Tech Job Market for 2016

Matching Software Engineers with Tech Companies

With current overall unemployment rates dipping below 5% in the US, and below 3% for STEM in Life Science occupations, employers don’t have a large pool of unemployed candidates to recruit. Most people looking for jobs already have one. What employers hope to find now, as they scour recruiting and business social sites, are employed people who might want something different, something better.

Offering a Better Workplace

At Core, that is just what we are looking for in prospective employees – talented individuals who are seeking something different, something better. Many of our new hires tell us they like how Core combines the rapid growth and flexible style of a startup with the security and financial stability of a larger, more mature company.

Nearing 100 employees, the CEO of Core still knows everyone by name. He makes a point of regularly sharing the company’s operating details – both positive and any challenges – so employees understand how the company is doing and the impact they have on the organization’s success. To show our appreciation, Core celebrates outstanding work and individuals several times a month, because the contribution of the one can have a tremendous impact on the company as a whole.

In the office, work can get done from lounge chairs and on ping pong tables if desired, yet Core is large enough and mature enough to offer stability. Our growth is powered by sales, and with a roster of successful clients this offers stability many startups don’t have. Core also offers career opportunities. As the company grows, so do the opportunities. Employees can grow on a technical or managerial path as  departments get bigger and need change.

The culture at Core is one of camaraderie and collaboration. We look for talented software developers who work with our Agile team on site. We seek employees who want growth and opportunity and realize that as the company succeeds, so can too.

But, enough about Core Informatics, let’s talk about you….

The New Way to Connect with Companies

Finding employees has become a little bit like finding a soul-mate. Like many companies, Core depends on referrals and personal introductions to find employees as well as utilizing a few, select recruiters. But the latest method for finding qualified Engineers is the business equivalent of “”

Indeed Prime is the future of hiring and recruiting. The “Uber” of recruiting, it is a disruptive service that brings the depth and personal touch of a recruiter to the internet. Indeed Prime helps match candidates to employers based on work experience and education and also offers a “screening” evaluation of skill using coding challenges. The results of these challenges are “judged” using software, to see if there is the potential for a good fit between candidate and company. Job seekers can test the waters and communicate with companies about jobs in a very transparent way—this method enables employers to discover top software engineers who would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Core Informatics is for people who want to make a difference, and if you think we’re falling into the tech company cliché of saying we’re “making the world a better place,” you’re right…because we are. Our customers are searching for cures to diseases, deciphering the genetic code, and feeding the world. So, yes, it might sound like a cliché, but at Core we believe we succeed when our customers succeed, and when our customers succeed, the world really does become a better place.

To learn more about joining Core, look for us on Indeed Prime or visit Core’s careers page.

Li Hayes is the Director of Employee Success at Core informatics.