While the science our customers do is incredibly diverse, there are some common needs for all our users. They need software that is easy to use, to connect to their instruments and systems and to extend to new workflows. The latest version of Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software has been designed with all of these needs in mind.

New User Interface

To improve the user experience, the first change was made to the home page. The home page is now a portal to all of the Platform for Science materials and resources to ensure you get the most out of the platform. Whether you want to connect with your peers, download the latest apps or access the latest training and documentation, you can do it all from the home page.

UX Changes

For our users, we know that speed is key. The most obvious change you will see is faster interaction with web pages and more content per page to reduce the number of page loads. We have also looked at how to reduce the number of mouse clicks through improved navigation. Version 6 has moved to a more user-friendly mega-menu.

Menus within apps display on a vertical bar, which can be pinned, enabling users to navigate while making the best use of screen real estate.

Enhancements to our Entity Details Page allows users to customize their experience and determine which sections of the page to view. It now provides more space to see relevant data (e.g., collapsing entity details and attributes using accordion controls to allow focus on associations). Page enhancements include:

  • Collapsible accordions for entity information and attributes
  • Synchronized visible height for association tables with the number of rows
  • Added full-screen viewing option for association tables

System Integration

We know that you want to get the most out of your informatics system, but you also want to get the most into it. That’s why we also made significant enhancements to our integration capability. The HTTP Trigger enhancements provide a more robust way to call out of Platform for Science software to integrated systems and receive responses. We’ve added a notification section on the entity page after an event is triggered.

The response, is now attached to the entity that called on the trigger. There are also enhancements to our OData-compliant API to improve batch processes.

Managing New Configurations

For our administrators and super users, we’ve redesigned the XML Import/Export to simplify migration of configurations between test and production environments. The new graphical representation of configurations provides an entity relationship diagram of the system. Before deploying any updates, the Configuration Diff tool provides a visual comparison of the old and new configurations.

These tools help to ensure a successful upgrade and that new configurations are fully tested before going live. For our regulated customers, this will help drive their risk-based assessment and system validation. 

We look forward to seeing the positive impact these new features and enhancements will make for new and existing customers! For more information or to upgrade, contact your Customer Success Manager.