BySteve Yemm,Core Informatics Director of Sales, EU/AP

With many thanks to Peter Boogaard and his team at Industrial Lab Automation, their recent event the Paperless Lab Academy held in Barcelona over two days proved to be a stimulating two-day extravaganza of end user and vendor presentations in which the dominant theme was the extent to which the pharmaceutical industry is moving rapidly to externalize R&D processes and the resultant pressing need for robust informatics solutions which enable collaboration.

Many of these themes were addressed very directly in the presentation delivered by Nic Goffard of Enterome Bioscience. Enterome focuses on diagnosing, monitoring and treating microbiome related metabolic diseases, such as Chron‰’s Disease, diabetes and obesity.

Enterome is one of a new breed of biotech research companies relyingon virtualized wet labs to optimize performance. It was clear right from the start that Enterome had to outsource its sample collection and analysis, and had to send data out for biostatistics and bioinformatics analysis. And at the same time it was vitally important to keep quality standards high whilst achieving results rapidly.

Enterome‰’s way forward was to pursue adoption of Core LIMS in the cloud to manage data collection, data generation, and the results of the data analysis. Enterome outsources the process of collecting samples and then processing them; DNA extraction and sequencing is the next step; and the final, added-value step is the application of bioinformatics and biostatistics methods to analyze the data.

Enterome selected Core LIMS because the system is highly configurable to support new workflows and allows easy collaboration with partners.

Above and beyond all else it was clear many of the participants at the Paperless Lab Academy were highly receptive to the ideas behind Platform for Science (PFS), the Core Informatics cloud native Platform as a Service (Paas). In particular, many participants are considering a move to a cloud based IT infrastructure driven by the converging needs for internal and external collaboration, reducing TCO and huge changes in the laboratory environment- all of these needs can by met by Core‰’s newest product, Core Collaboration‰™.

For anyone in Europe who was unable to make it to the meeting, request a copy of the Core Collaboration white paper or our Platform for Science white paper and we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you.