Data-Driven Future of Biologics

The Data-Driven Future of Biologics

Bioprocess Optimization with the Platform for Science

Researching and developing the next generation of biologic drugs involves workflows that generate large amounts of data. Managing this data can be overwhelming, but having processes in place to make it available, organized and actionable is one of the most valuable concepts in biologics R&D. Bioprocess optimization can lead to better decision making, workflow improvements, and ultimately shorter timeline to bring solutions to market.

The configurability of the Platform for Science makes it uniquely qualified to support your bioprocess optimization efforts across your entire workflow and all its data. From registering your first cell sample to strain engineering, fermentation, purification, process optimization and production, your data in the Platform for Science is easily accessible, reportable, and auditable. This data is available as a single point of truth for R&D development upstream and for downstream production.

Bioprocessing workflow

The Platform for Science scales to your needs and modular apps from the Platform for Science Marketplace allow you to not only rapidly redesign experiments and workflows, but to change entire systems quickly. The platform can automate your processes, trigger actions and fully record all data and metadata in a traceable environment. For GMP facilities, a validated cloud hosting environment is available for a reduced IT cost of ownership.