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Visualization to Understand Large Data Sets

How we can solve the problem of InfoObesity Do you ever run into the problem where you have too much data? The term “InfoObesity” was coined to describe the avalanche of information and the dysfunctional environment created when: We have too much information Not enough tools to wrangle data into a usable format. The benefit…

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Differential Gene Expression on the Platform for Science

Platform Interoperability Drives Science Differential gene expression, the comparison of gene expression in healthy and diseased states, continues to be a growing area of focus for biomedical research.  Understanding not only what genes are present, but what triggers their expression enables scientists to better understand the disease and to develop improved treatment options for patients. …

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New Analytics Tools in the Platform for Science

RStudio tools for data science development and publishing, are now integrated into Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software, a leading cloud-based platform supporting scientific data management. Data scientists can use the popular RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) and publish their Shiny apps to RStudio Connect and access these applications from the Platform for Science software. The…

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