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Mobile LIMS Applications Support Mobile Results Authorization

Mobile LIMS – Technology Where Science Happens It’s easy to see how mobility benefits scientists working in the field. We can all picture a researcher collecting soil or water samples, but “in the field” can also refer to a technician walking around a manufacturing floor capturing data at specific sampling points. In fact, LIMS Applications…

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Mobile LIMS – Technology Where Science Happens

Part 1 – LIMS Applications in the Field Mobile technology is a driving force behind the digital transformation in the laboratory. Mobility is about having technology where it’s needed, whether it’s at the lab bench, at the instrument side, or in the field. Mobile devices enable technology to move with science, not the other way…

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North America Launch2018 Review

User Group Meeting Recap That’s a wrap on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Launch2018 User Group Meeting! Held in November in Boston, customers of Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ and Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™, Watson LIMS™, and Nautilus LIMS™ software joined at the annual meeting. Our customers took the stage to highlight how our informatics solutions are…

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