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Differential Gene Expression on the Platform for Science

Platform Interoperability Drives Science Differential gene expression, the comparison of gene expression in healthy and diseased states, continues to be a growing area of focus for biomedical research.  Understanding not only what genes are present, but what triggers their expression enables scientists to better understand the disease and to develop improved treatment options for patients. …

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New Protein Purification and Analysis Applications

New Apps Enhance Sample Tracking and Analysis Capabilities New applications for protein purification and analysis are now available for Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software. These new apps allow scientists to track samples, define assays and track results for a variety of protein purification experiment types. The applications are designed to enhance the existing Biologics…

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Amplifying the Value of qPCR & mRNA Analysis for Drug Discovery

How High Throughput qPCR and mRNA Analysis Are Being Used in Biopharma R&D I imagine you are saying to yourself – the title was catchy, but is reading the whole article really worth it. Are you are interested in learning more about high throughput qPCR and mRNA analysis? Are you studying the downstream effects of…

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