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Informatics Challenges in Pharma and Biopharma R&D – Managing New Science

In a recent blog, Informatics Challenges in Pharma and Biopharma R&D, we identified five major challenges facing R&D and IT managers in pharma and biopharma companies as they strive to equip their researchers with modern, flexible and responsive informatics tools: Managing New Science Dealing with Change Integrating Old and New Systems Collaboration and Externalization Harmonization and Simplification…

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Implementing NGS, Industry Tip #2: Track and Measure Outcomes

Operationalizing processes is a critical first step for labs running next-generation sequencing (NGS). By defining specific, routine lab workflows and operations, labs can keep scientists and technicians on task while supporting them in delivering quality results efficiently. In addition, setting defined tasks to undertake and complete enables labs to more easily set metrics tied to specific…

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Implementing NGS, Industry Tip #1: Operationalize Processes

Labs seeking to adopt next-generation sequencing (NGS) learn quickly that the technology requires them to think differently about how to conduct lab work and organize themselves for success. That’s because NGS processes are not just complex, but constantly evolving with the introduction of new instrumentation and sequencing methodologies. Add to that the data management challenge…

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Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Implementation

3 Critical Best Practices from Industry Experts In the two months since the launch of the Marketplace and our collection of preconfigured apps for next-generation sequencing, we’ve seen a tremendous interest in our solutions from a diverse set of labs. Biogen, Mount Sinai’s Genetic Testing Laboratory, Illumina, and Thermo Fisher Scientific are among the key customers who…

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Powering Next-Generation Sequencing with the Marketplace

Powering Next-Generation Sequencing – Apps for NGS LIMS No two labs are the same. In the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) field we believe that to be especially true, but it is one thing to have a belief or a hypothesis, and another to validate it. To test our hypothesis we decided to run a simple…

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