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Enabling Discovery Research Through Partnerships and the Importance of Data Management

How Beryllium Addresses Data Overload Using the Platform for Science When Beryllium wanted to streamline its data organization system, it came to Core Informatics. Beryllium was searching for a company to partner with, that had both a strong data management model and a true understanding of genes, proteins, and their structures. At Launch2015, Arturo Morales,…

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Informatics Challenges in Pharma and Biopharma R&D – Collaboration and Externalization

In a recent Core Blog, we identified five major challenges facing R&D and IT managers in pharma and biopharma companies as they strive to equip their researchers with modern, flexible and responsive laboratory information management systems: Managing New Science Dealing with Change Integrating Old and New Systems Collaboration and Externalization Harmonization and Simplification This post is the…

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Learn Business Tips by Watching Football

Last year’s NFL Championship game set a record with 111.5 million viewers. This year as millions of us watch Super Bowl 49, we’ll be experiencing something more than a sporting event, we’ll be watching an intriguing study on the collaborative process. Football is really a Prime-time or lazy-Sunday lesson on collaboration. To start, in football…

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