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An Informatics System Built Your Way: Platform for Science Marketplace

A Mix and Match Approach to Building Your LIMS Capabilities The Platform for Science Marketplace is our informatics app store, which allows you to mix and match applications to build the laboratory information management system (LIMS) you desire. All products and apps in the marketplace are designed to work together. The modularity of Core’s lab informatics platform…

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A Lab Informatics System That Works

Why It’s Not as Simple as You Think Customers aren’t interested in software. They are interested in what software can do for them: what it can do for their research, how it can help them make connections between data, and how they can share real-time information with partners around the world. When we ask customers…

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Paperless Lab Academy – 2016 Review

Pragmatic Strategies for Managing Lab-Based Information We hope you were able to join us this week at Paperless Lab Academy in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. This year’s Paperless Lab Academy focused on pragmatic strategies to effectively document, use, and analyze laboratory data in order to speed innovation in R&D and QA/QC laboratories across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology,…

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