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Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory Uses Core LIMS to Aid in CLIA Certification

Data Management & Traceabity to Enable Validation, and Regulatory Compliance The Connecticut-based Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory is CLIA-certified and provides dedicated sequencing services to both the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City as well as external clients. It took the Mount Sinai team just 18 months to build out a facility capable of running…

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Building a Genetic Testing Lab from the Ground Up

Finding a NGS LIMS for Research & Workflows You have the lab, you have the scientists, you have the equipment, you even have the work lined up… but are you ready to open a genetic testing facility? If you haven’t selected and designed your LIMS to match your needs, you are still in the early steps of…

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Implementing NGS, Industry Tip #2: Track and Measure Outcomes

Operationalizing processes is a critical first step for labs running next-generation sequencing (NGS). By defining specific, routine lab workflows and operations, labs can keep scientists and technicians on task while supporting them in delivering quality results efficiently. In addition, setting defined tasks to undertake and complete enables labs to more easily set metrics tied to specific…

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