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Informatics Challenges in Pharma and Biopharma R&D – Dealing with Change

In a recent Core Blog, we identified five major challenges facing R&D and IT managers in pharma and biopharma companies as they strive to equip their researchers with modern, flexible and responsive informatics tools: Managing New Science Dealing with Change Integrating Old and New Systems Collaboration and Externalization Harmonization and Simplification This post is the second…

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Informatics Challenges in Pharma and Biopharma R&D

R&D IT executives in pharmaceutical (pharma) and biopharmaceutical (biopharma) companies are all striving to provide their scientists and technical staff with the best tools and systems. As Michael Shanler of Gartner, Inc. observed, “Many IT, R&D and supply chain leaders have a strong desire for better integration, integration standards and common data models. Ultimately, this…

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