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Collaboration on the Rise

The start of a new year is traditionally the time to set goals both business and personal. In order to realize these objectives, you must have a realistic plan to achieve them. And to succeed, not only do you need specific goals and a related plan, you need concrete justifications behind these. With the cost…

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Top 5 Cloud Collaboration Strategies

Global Scientific Collaboration in the Cloud Collaboration is all around us. In our global economy, very little is created from start to finish by a single individual or organization. Virtually everything we buy today, from electronics and clothing to cars and food, is created through different versions of collaboration throughout the world. Separation of labor…

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Virtualized Research Ecosystems- Why They’re on the Rise

Virtualized Research Ecosystems (VREs) are the future of outsourcing and collaborative working environments. A Virtualized Research Ecosystem is a network of collaborators with specific scientific skills working toward a common goal. A VRE can be compared to an intellectual supply chain, where data moves through a web of relationships in a secure and standardized manner.…

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