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Biosimilar development and bioanalytical comparability analysis using Pfenex Expression Technology® with a cloud-based informatics solution

By: Diane Retallack, Ph.D., Director, Molecular Biology at Pfenex At Pfenex, we are in the business of developing biosimilars. And, as a result, on a daily basis we produce data—lots of it. This data enables the team at Pfenex to rapidly demonstrate analytical similarity between a Pfenex biosimilar candidate and the reference drug product.  The ability…

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Collaboration in Drug Discovery

What is Needed for Success By:Art Morales, Ph.D., Vice President of Informatics atBeryllium This is an exciting time in the world of drug discovery. We are in the midst of shaping a new future, with externalization and collaboration at the core of the business and research models for a growing number of companies. At Beryllium,…

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