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Biologics Discovery Solutions

Special Considerations for Research Using Biologics Workflows Small Molecule Drug Discovery Workflows versus Biologics Workflows OK, Trivia buffs: who first coined the phrase “small is beautiful?” You get an honorable mention if you answered British economist E.F. Schumacher, but the correct answer is Austrian philosopher and economist Dr. Leopold Kohr, who was one of Schumacher’s teachers. For…

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Solving Complex Data Management Challenges in Biologics

An Easier Way to Perform Biologics R&D We hope you were able to join us on June 22nd for our webinar “A Comprehensive Platform for Biologics Discovery.” The webinar described the challenges of biologics discovery from a data management and informatics perspective, and how Core’s customers are using the Platform for Science to achieve their goals in…

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Webinar: Enabling Therapeutic R&D for Biologics Discovery

A Comprehensive Platform for Biologics Discovery As biopharma companies rapidly advance in the biologics space, it is becoming evident that traditional information management systems can’t handle the complex data and workflows used in biologics drug discovery. View our on-demand webinar where we discuss how Core Informatics’ Biologics Discovery Solutions are used to track samples and record…

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