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Discovering Therapeutic Agents with Peptide Synthesis

Registration of Custom Peptides in a Lab Informatics Platform Streamlines Tracking Peptides are possibly the “Goldilocks” of therapeutic molecular entities – not too big, and not too small. And with their attractive pharmacological profiles including excellent specificity, safety, tolerability, and efficacy, they are “just right” to provide a useful jumping off point for the design…

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High Throughput Molecular Biology Applications Launched

New Apps Expand the Capabilities of Core’s Biologics Discovery Solution for Library Generation Many workflows throughout drug discovery require the generation of biologics, including the creation of libraries via high throughput (HT) methods and automation. At each point in the process, samples are registered and checked for quality, experiments are run, and data is collected.…

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Enabling High Throughput Screening (HTS) Workflows via Apps

Core’s Biologics Discovery Solution Supports HTS Processes The HTS apps in Core Informatics’ Biologics Discovery Solution manage single concentration and dose response studies in biochemical and cell-based screens. They can handle an unlimited number of assays, protocols, data types and data volumes, and can screen proteins, antibodies and small molecules for therapeutic effect and/or target identification. The apps…

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