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Love Your Job. Eat an Apple.

So many of today’s workers are in an unhealthy office rut.  From LIMS Software Engineers to Business Analysts; long and stagnant office hours can become detrimental to one’s health.  Unfortunately, most office jobs require long hours of sitting in a chair.  This can become an extremely unhealthy habit.  Eight hours of poor sitting posture, lack of walking around, and poor eating habits lend to neck and back pain, mental fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome and an “office spread” (horizontal posterior expansion).  Despite these reoccurring work day routines, there are several ways to combat the challenges of working a desk job that can make you feel better and happier.

Have a Healthy Snack

Your brain might crave sugar if you go more than a few hours without food, but in the long run, it will be much more beneficial to eat something nutritious.  Reach into a fruit bowl instead of the candy bowl.  An apple a day really does help keep the doctor away.  Deemed the #1 healthiest food by Medical News Today, apples are anti-oxidant rich and studies show that they can reduce bad cholesterol and even extend your life.  Plus, they are yummy.  Broccoli is also high on the “healthy food” list, but fewer requests were made for a bowl of broccoli in the office.

Drink More Water

Dehydration makes one feel tired. That drag you feel at 3:00 PM might not be the need for caffeine, but your body’s way of telling you that it is drying out.   Drinking an adequate amount of water, or other beverages (beer non grata, sorry) can help keep you hydrated.  Many foods are also good sources of water.  Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, grapes, and apples can help keep you healthy and hydrated.  Starting your day by filling up your water bottle and putting it on your desk is an easy, healthy habit.  According to WebMD, drinking more water will reduce fatigue, nourish your skin, stimulate your mind and even lower your stress.

Move Around, Take a Walk

The biggest hindrance to taking a walk is ourselves.  We find something better to do and put off the walk, indefinitely.  Find a walking buddy!  Nothing will get you moving like someone else urging you to go. Is someone sitting at their desk as you head for the door?  Ask them to join your jaunt!  Get away from the computer screen, get away from your electronic lab notebook and move around!  Exercising combats fatigue more than a quick nap and even walking a few steps makes a difference.  Take a walk to fill your water bottle, move around and stretch.

Stand Up calls “Sitting the new smoking”.  Sitting for extended periods of time leads to various health problems including obesity, fatigue, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.  Standing burns up to 50 more calories per hour than sitting, allows better circulation and improves muscle and bone health.  So, grab your laptop, find some table space and stand up.

Want to enjoy your LIMS software, accounting, business analyst, or any other desk job more?  Drink some water, eat an apple, stand up, stretch and take a lap around the room and you will return to your desk happier and healthier.

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