Solving Complex Data Management Challenges in Biologics

An Easier Way to Perform Biologics R&D

We hope you were able to join us on June 22nd for our webinar “A Comprehensive Platform for Biologics Discovery.” The webinar described the challenges of biologics discovery from a data management and informatics perspective, and how Core’s customers are using the Platform for Science to achieve their goals in biologics discovery.

Tracking Biologics and Workflows in the Lab

Small molecules have well-defined structures and maintain a standard set of parameters required for synthesis (starting materials, catalyst, solvent, temperature, pressure, time). In comparison, biologics consist of large, complex, and fragile molecules and organisms throughout all aspects of the pipeline.

Biological entities must be generated and manipulated with care, which requires knowledge around parental samples, strict storage conditions, etc. These complex interactions present unique challenges that have previously not been necessary to capture. Even in just a small portion of library generation, there are numerous points where it is pertinent to record what you’ve created, how you did it, and where you can find it.

A Platform Approach to Biologics

In the past, this wealth of information has been recorded in Excel, paper notebooks, and unstructured data repositories such as ELNs. These data storage solutions lack searchability and accountability, which can ultimately affect productivity.

There is a better way: Core’s Platform for Science, and biologics applications and solutions.

With the Platform for Science, all work is captured within a single platform, and information is shared immediately across the system. Core’s platform provides capabilities for functionality through configurations, collaboration, lineage assignments, data capture and analysis, inventory management, and instrument and analysis software integrations. Core’s platform offers a holistic approach, allowing you the ability to choose what you need, when you need it, and to build on the existing functionality.

To learn more about managing data and processes associated with biologics generation, watch our webinar or request our biologics tech brief.

Platform for Biologics Discovery Webinar