Six New Pre-Configured Illumina NGS Workflow Applications Added to Platform for Science Marketplace

We are excited to announce the release of six new Illumina NGS workflow applications to the Platform for Science Marketplace. These applications were built with a complete Illumina sequencing solution in mind. Any laboratory that utilizes Illumina sequencing technology and Core Informatics’ platform can manage sample and workflow data from lab sample receipt to flow cell preparation and sequencing.

The workflow apps include: Illumina Sample ReceivingIllumina RNA Library PrepIllumina Whole Genome Library PrepIllumina Exome Library PrepIllumina Amplicon Library Prep and Illumina Flow Cell Prep and Sequencing.

Sequencing Apps for Any Size Lab

These applications were built to support different lab types, from small academic research labs to large-scale production sequencing facilities. These applications contain support for batching of samples, automated liquid handler and QC analytical instrument integration, assay support for over 50 Illumina sample preparation workflows, and sequencing support including Illumina sample sheet generation. The apps support HiSeqs, MiSeqs, NextSeqs and MiniSeqs as well as any combination of these sequencers.

Since many labs use automated liquid handlers to maintain high sample throughput we’ve configured the applications for two automated liquid handling robots – Tecan Evo and Beckman FXP. These robots have configurations that can support sample normalization, library preparation, and pooling. For QC instrument assays and instrumentation, we’ve configured the system to support the Agilent TapeStation, Qubit Flourometer and KAPA Library Quantification Kits. In the future, we plan to add support for additional robots and QC tools.

We’ve designed the library prep workflow apps to be broad in scope and include support for all of Illumina’s library preparation protocols, including TruSeq DNA, Nextera DNA, TruSeq RNA, Agilent SureSelect XT and XT2, KAPA Biosystems DNA, targeted sequencing panels, and many more.

Benefits of Apps

These six workflow applications are pre-built, versus traditional custom end-to-end deployments, which means a drastic decrease in implementation time and cost. Our goal is always to get labs up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you’re part of a diagnostic company, biopharma company, academic core lab, or an academic research lab, the NGS apps in the Platform for Science Marketplace have you covered.