Scientific Platform Designed to Run on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Core Informatics and the Cloud

We are entering a new age of research and development where the data collected is larger and more complex than ever before. Projects are moving outside the laboratory walls as more groups, both internal and external need to create, search, manipulate and analyze data. It is difficult to handle this explosion of data in an on-premises informatics deployment on internal servers, so the move to the cloud is all but decided for you.

Not all cloud services are the same. In Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide report, Amazon Web Services was in the “Leaders” quadrant, and was listed as appealing to “customers who desire the broadest range of capabilities and long-term market leadership.”

Core was an early adopter of AWS and has used the services since 2008. Core’s Platform for Science and all products (LIMS, ELN, SDMS, Connect & Collaboration) were designed to run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Core Informatics – a Part of the AWS Partner Network

In 2014, the AWS Partner Network (APN) selected Core Informatics as a scientific data management provider in the APN Life Sciences Competency. In the press release announcing Core joining the APN, Core CEO Josh Geballe said, “Core Informatics was born on the AWS Cloud… we leverage their market-leading services to provide our customers with unmatched scalability, flexibility and security that helps accelerate their time to market while dramatically reducing cost and complexity.”

Quoted in an AWS case study on Core Informatics regarding our new validated cloud environment, Richard Duffy, Core’s Vice President of Engineering said, “Using AWS we can help organizations accelerate discovery while maintaining GxP compliance. It’s transforming our business and, more importantly, helping our customers transform their businesses.” The relationship between Core and AWS continued to transform in 2016 when Core was named as an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network.

Core uses numerous AWS services to benefit our customers and is constantly evaluating new ones. We currently use the following services:

Benefits of Using the (AWS) Cloud

The AWS Cloud gives you access to on-demand IT resources designed to help you innovate faster, reduce costs, and operate more securely. It provides secure, cost-effective, high-performance cloud services that help you collect, store, process, and analyze your data. Simply choose the services that you want to consume, and pay only for those services.

AWS offers value by operating on massive economies of scale. It operates the sever farms, employs the security experts and stays ahead of the cloud computing field—you benefit by taking advantage of AWS’ hard work, paying only for your compute needs and services, not for the maintenance and management of the facility or its staff.

Cost-Effective Flexibility of the AWS Cloud

Using an on-premises solution requires large clusters of servers and other expensive hardware that are slow to provision, costly to procure, and complex to manage and maintain. Cloud computing is ideal solution for businesses that need a cost-efficient way to access reliable and secure computing resources. You can access precisely the computing resources you need and pay for them as you go, without any upfront costs.

“We had a lot of success with AWS in terms of scalability and reliability,” said Duffy. “For our customers, putting their regulated applications in the cloud costs about one-third what it would take to do it on premises. That’s critical for life sciences and pharmaceutical companies with tight budgets and fixed resources.”

Security on the AWS Cloud

When you use AWS, your organization (no matter its size) benefits from data center and network architectures built and maintained by AWS and its army of security experts. “Security is of utmost importance for our customers,” said Duffy. “From the client to the application to the infrastructure, a holistic approach must be taken to secure our customers’ data.”

As AWS continues to expand its offerings, Core will continue to expand the AWS services it uses, which in turn will benefit our customers.