5.2.2 and You

At Core Informatics, we are constantly expanding and updating the capabilities of the Platform for Science. With the 5.2.2 release of PFS, overall platform performance has been improved, and we have added special features of interest. Our biggest feature enhancements are around our standards-based OData API and the Data Loader in the Core SDMS.

Below are some highlights of what has been included in the 5.2.2 version of the Platform for Science.

The Standards-Based OData API

With the release of PFS 5.2.2, customers who joined Core before the release of 5.2, now have access to our standards-based OData API. This API leverages the Open Data Protocol (OData) for RESTful web-services, and is available as part of Core Connect, Core’s software integration product. Core’s OData API was built to meet the needs of developers and end users in scientific industries who need to integrate data across a variety of proprietary databases, programming languages, and applications. The OData API is an addition to the existing API. All current calls will still work against the platform.

There are several ways to learn more about how & why open standards such as OData can accelerate your integration efforts.

Enhancements to the SDMS Data Loader

The Core SDMS has been broadened with new functionality. New mapping features allow the use of flexible data file formats across all entity types. Users can now map a file to entities in PFS, without the need to reformat the original exported file. We have also added the capability to create multiple entity types within one file, as well as associations – all from a single loading event. An in-depth description of these additions can be found in our blog, Data Loading Enhancements to Core SDMS.

Customer Requests Influence the Platform for Science

We love hearing from you, our customers, and about what features you need and would like to see in the future. We have put a lot of work and time into the release of PFS 5.2.2, to expand upon the capabilities you have requested. Because all Core customers run their laboratory solutions on the Platform for Science, all changes to the abilities of our underlying platform benefit all users. Please send your ideas and requests to your CSMs or make the suggestions through Core’s online Community.

Contact your CSM to schedule an upgrade to 5.2.2.