Regulated Labs Can Use the Platform for Science on a Validated Cloud Infrastructure

A New Path to the Cloud for Regulated and GxP Customers

Cloud-based installations of Thermo Fisher™ Platform for Science™ software are nothing new. In fact, most of our customers are taking advantage of the scalability, reliability and cost savings that come with our cloud-based infrastructure.

However, for our regulated and GxP customers, the cloud has traditionally not been an option. GxP guidelines are designed to ensure pharmaceuticals and other products are safe. The need for installation and operational qualification to prove these safety measures have been taken has required these organizations to use on-premises solutions.

That need to remain on-premises has changed, thanks to our new validated cloud infrastructure. The validated cloud option will now allow companies such as biopharmas to track all of their data from accessioning the first sample in the lab, to testing therapeutics in a clinical setting, within one informatics platform. Our validated cloud deployment offering is a qualified infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). For validated installations, we provide installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) on both a test and production environment. We will also manage any changes to those environments on behalf of our customers.

Enjoying the Benefits of the Cloud

With this new deployment option, customers who have regulatory requirements can take advantage of the low IT overhead and on-demand scalability that AWS’s cloud infrastructure provides. This on-demand scalability is a huge benefit to the cloud, but historically has been a problem for potential customers who need to know where their data resides in the AWS computing network. As part of our validated cloud deployment option, AWS will ensure customers who need to scale will have their computing services passed to already validated servers. In fact, Amazon estimates that using our validated platform on AWS can expect cost savings as high as 80%.

You can read more about our validated cloud deployment in our AWS case study, this GenomeWeb article.